Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? How is it possible that my little Ritto Burrito is 10, ten, TEN! months old already? Time flies when you're having fun I guess. I was sitting at Emma's daycare (aka Best Daycare EVAR!) this afternoon at lunch and as I was playing with the kiddos I noticed just how BIG they have gotten. One of the other girls in the room is the same age as Emma and they started daycare the same week when they were 8 weeks old. They are now these huge toddling people that talk and smile and have teeth. It's just crazy to look back at the pictures when they first started and then to see them now. They have grown so fast. I do at times miss the super cuddly newborn that never whined and stayed in the same spot when I put her down. However, I adore my new baby that is independent (most of the time), mobile, responsive, expressive and loud! Every few months it seems like there's a new update to my amazing baby. She changes almost overnight into a new exciting stage and yet it's also so gradual sometimes I don't even notice until someone else points it out.
We went shopping yesterday for some new pj's for Emma as the 6 month pj's just don't fit like they used to, especially over the extra giant overnight cloth diaper.
(Side note: My oh-so-awesome husband finally broke down and told me I could go into the Carter's store in the city. He has resisted for well over a year, pretty much ever since we discovered it. I think he even had a little bit of fun shopping with me. He isn't a jerky macho man that doesn't care what little girls wear or if it has zebra print instead of giraffe print. He's awesome, have I mentioned that? He helped me narrow down an impossibly huge selection of disgustingly cute baby clothes to just a handful so that we could still afford to eat this month. He didn't just help narrow it down, he had opinions! He let me know what styles of rompers he liked and which ones he didn't care for. He offered input of patterns and colors. While some people would claim that this is a classic example of how babies break our brains, I think this a perfect example of how loving and awesome he is. Because he doesn't just help me make fashion decisions about Emma's wardrobe, he helps me with my wardrobe too. He often tells me what styles he likes me to wear and will call me out when I clash terribly or have been dressing frumpy for too long. He is my first consultation on what to wear, how to get my hair cut and pretty much everything else. Like I said, he's awesome!)
As I was going through the racks trying to find stuff for Emma, I was looking at the 12 month size and the 18 month size. I kept thinking the 12 month stuff looked huge but Emma was 10 months so they should be about right. I kept eyeing the 18 month stuff because that would make more sense, she could wear it longer so it would be more worth it than something she'll outgrown in 2 months. I held up a couple of the 12 month pj's for Stuart's approval and he declared that I had grabbed the wrong size, what I was showing him couldn't possibly fit our little nugget. I told him it was 12 month and he held it up to her and seemed pretty shocked when it didn't look like it was too far off from fitting. We did at least concede to buying 18 month size pants for a couple of the outfits to accommodate her big cloth booty.
Thankfully we haven't had to buy much in the way of clothing for Emma as we have some of the most amazing extended family and friends anyone could ask for. We receive fairly regular shipments of hand-me-downs. I don't what we will do when these shipments stop. I don't know if I have the energy to actually buy an entire wardrobe for Emma! I am willing to accept the challenge however. Assuming Stuart will ever let me back into a children's clothing store that is.


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