Babies and Critters #3

Intro: Everyone always says that when couples get a pet together, they're really just prepping for a baby. It's true on only the most basic level. You are going to try to keep a living thing living. Food, water, shelter, doctor visits and affection. The same things a baby needs, right? Holy cow, did I really used to think that? Having pets and a baby is totally different life than just having one or the other.

Life #3: Life with baby. (This one is pure fantasy. My only experience with this is when we go visit my in-laws, which is a brief glimpse into what this life might be like. I am definitely NOT saying that having a baby is easy.)

Morning: Wake up and feed baby. Baby may or may not be very angry about the situation. Husband showers and gets ready while you feed baby. Baby finishes eating and husband takes over watching baby so you can shower. While making coffee, make sure everything is ready to go to daycare. Stuff diapers if needed. Get bottles and food in bag. Eat breakfast. Get baby dressed for the day. Head out.

Evening: Arrive home. Unpack bags from daycare. Pop baby out of car seat. Either you or husband fix dinner while the other plays with baby. Parent not preparing dinner explains to baby what the other parent is doing. "Daddy's chopping carrots. Can you say carrots? Yummy carrots." Go through evening routine of feeding baby dinner, bath time, story time and bedtime. Once baby is asleep, time for a few minutes of relaxing on the couch watching tv or a movie before heading to bed. Sleep somewhat peacefully for a few hours. Wake up at slightest noise from baby. Check on baby. Go back to sleep. Repeat until baby really wakes up.


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