Spring Break

It is that time of year again. Spring Break time. Usually this week would be packed full of field work to be done to take advantage of the nice weather and no classes. However, Mother Nature had different plans for me this week. It has been raining since early Monday morning. Rain is not good for taking soil samples. It makes it impossible. So Monday and Tuesday were scrapped for field work and instead I worked in the office. Yesterday, we drove 5 hours to a place the never gets any rain, it is always dry as a bone there. Yeah, it rained. A lot. So we drove 5 hours back home. In the rain. The upside of all of that was that I got to come home yesterday instead of having to spend the night away from Emma. I feel so lucky that I haven't had to spend a night away from her yet at 10 months. I know it will have to happen eventually but I'm happy to postpone it as long as I can. I think Stuart might have been just the tiniest bit disappointed that he didn't get a chance to prove his awesome Dad skills without me there. He was of course happy to have me home but I think he was looking forward to some Daddy and Emma time with me around. I may just have to find a spa to hole up in for a day so he can have some Emma time. I wonder how that suggestion would go over? :)


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