Babies and Critters #2

Intro: Everyone always says that when couples get a pet together, they're really just prepping for a baby. It's true on only the most basic level. You are going to try to keep a living thing living. Food, water, shelter, doctor visits and affection. The same things a baby needs, right? Holy cow, did I really used to think that? Having pets and a baby is totally different life than just having one or the other.

Life #2: Life with 2 dogs and a cat. (At least how I remember it now.)

Morning: Wake up to dogs licking you. Cat is roaming house meowing. Lie in bed and scratch dogs. Either you or husband take dogs outside. Some times both go out with dogs. Walk around neighborhood with dogs. Wave to neighbors as you walk by. Head back inside and get ready for work. Feed dogs and cat. Leave for work.

Evening: Arrive home to enthusiastic greetings from dogs. Cat looks on in disgust. Put down your stuff and take dogs outside. Walk around neighborhood with dogs. Wave to neighbors as you walk by. Take long route because it's so nice out and you've been gone all day. Head back inside. Curl up on couch with husband and a dog. Watch TV for a bit. Take dogs back out a few more times before bed. Go to bed with two sweet cuddly dogs. Occasionally fight for covers from dog, chuckle to self and go back to sleep.


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