Cloth diaper must haves

I saw a contest recently where contestants were asked to create a board on Pinterest titled "Cloth Diapers- No pins required" and to pin to it the 15 things we thought were absolute must haves for modern cloth diapering. I of course entered it as it involves not one but 2 of my obsessions, cloth diapers and Pinterest. I made my board and am pretty pleased with it. However, it turns out that when it comes to absolute "must haves" picking 15 was kinda hard. Coming up with 15 things you have to have to diaper your baby in cloth was tough because honestly there isn't a lot of gear required. As my husband put it "all you really need is a baby, some cloth diapers, soap and a washing machine." Bare essentials are diapers, baby and the washing machine. Sure I can come up with a lot of other "essentials", but really the beauty of modern cloth diapers is that is so stinking simple to do. The items needed are really not different from what you'd need for disposables. Here's what you absolutely MUST have to diaper a baby with cloth.

1. Baby
2. Cloth diapers, there are a thousand different styles to fit almost any taste and budget
3. Washing machine
4. Cloth diaper friendly detergent
5. Dry diaper pail (long gone are the days of a gross wet pail)

What you need to make cloth diapering a little bit easier:
6. Wet bag for transporting dirty diapers home from daycare, or to use as a diaper pail when traveling
7. Flushable diaper liners. No need to rinse with a diaper sprayer. I know some people love their diaper sprayers but it's just not for me.
8. Hemp inserts. Makes nighttime diapering possible and hassle free.
9. Flip day pack. Keep the cover swap the insert. Makes diapering on the go a lot less bulky.
10. Small wet bag for running errands

For the full list check out the board Cloth diapers-no pins required


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