Road to recovery

The hospital discharged me yesterday and sent us home. The dogs and cat were all very happy to have us back home. The cat in particular is stoked that I am laid up on the couch for a while so he can lay on my face and get lovin's. 

This time around is much more difficult than last time. I guess that's to be expected since this was a bigger surgery and all. I have a fairly large incision just left of my belly button that's about 6 inches long. Last time around it was a small incision like a c-section and was held together with a bit of tape and nothing more. This time I have staples holding the incision closed and they have to stay in for another week. Thankfully, my surgeon is awesome and understands that driving back and forth to Eugene is a giant hassle, so I can follow up here with my doctor unless I just feel like I need to see her. I have much more strict instructions this time and more meds. I am not allowed to lift anything more than 10 pounds (and I can definitely feel why that's a bad idea just lifting my water bottle) and I need to wear this giant ace bandage thing called a binder. The binder/corset helps keep everything in one place and seems to help with the pain a little. In addition to the lovely pain meds I was sent home with, I have to do Lovenox injections to reduce the risk of developing blood clots.  It is something I can do myself but I don't really want to. I tense up too much and it ends up being more painful than it needs to be. I am so grateful that Stuart is doing the injections for me. He's not squeamish or freaked out by blood or needles so he's been a huge help to me!

Sleeping last night was really difficult. I'm not certain if it was trying to sleep on a flat bed after almost a week in a hospital bed, the pain, or just being on a really funky sleep schedule lately. I think it's a bit of everything and that once the pain subsides more and I don't have the meds making me so sleepy, sleeping in a real bed will happen again. I'm trying to get my mind right that I won't be up and running around anytime soon. Last surgery is looking like a cake walk compared to this surgery. But such is life and I'm eager to heal and put all of this behind us. 

Ready for the next adventure!


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