Surgery today

Today, well, yesterday now, was a very long day. I went in for my scheduled surgery to remove a uterine fibroid which my doctor described as massive. 
Four hours later they finally got an IV in me as I have terrible veins to begin with and when I haven't had any food or water they get worse to the point that 5 nurses, 3 of whom had an ultrasound machine to help find a vein, couldn't get one. Finally, the anaesthesiologist was able to place an IV in my neck and I was blissfully asleep. 
I found out once I got back to my room that what I have is not a uterine fibroid but a very large mass one the other side of the peritoneal wall and even going as low as my tailbone did not produce the end of it and my relatively simple myoectomy turned into exploratory surgery. 
The next step is to have an MRI to get a better look at this thing once the inflammation from the surgery goes down. 
On the bright side, my uterus didn't get cut open which means, hopefully, once we get to the bottom of whatever this is, there should not be any delays to trying to get pregnant again. With the myoectomy, we would have had to wait a year from the surgery date before trying again. I'm hanging onto the hope that this can be resolved quickly and we can get back to trying to expand Team Wilson. 


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