Babies and Critters #1

Intro: Everyone always says that when couples get a pet together, they're really just prepping for a baby. It's true on only the most basic level. You are going to try to keep a living thing living. Food, water, shelter, doctor visits and affection. The same things a baby needs, right? Holy cow, did I really used to think that? Having pets and a baby is totally different life than just having one or the other. For the next few posts, I will discuss my life with 2 dogs a cat and a baby, my life with a cat, my life with 2 dogs and a cat and what I can only imagine live with only a baby would be like.

Life #1: Life with a cat. (Pretty much just life unattached.)

Morning: Wake up to pitiful meowing. Ignore cat, go back to sleep. Hour or so later wake up to cat on your chest purring loudly enough to rattle your teeth. Get up. Feed cat. Head back to bed if desired or take shower. Whatever. Make coffee. Enjoy leisurely cup of coffee and breakfast. Breakfast occasionally interrupted by cat head in your cereal bowl. Clean cat's shit box. Leave for work.

Evening: Arrive home. May or may not be greeted at door by cat. If greeted by cat, scratch cat's head then go about your business. Proceed for the rest of the evening doing whatever you feel like. The cat could not care less as long as cat's bowl has food in it.


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