I'm done with disposables

After a recent bout with diaper rash from Emma's antibiotics, I switched to disposables full time so that I could use the Nystatin cream her Dr. prescribed. It turns out that I'm over them. I hate the way they "crunch." It reminded me of the paper gowns women get at the gyno, not a pleasant association. I couldn't ever get a good fit on Emma. The result was perpetual plumber crack. When I tried to get a good fit, I felt like I was about to rip the tabs off the diaper by trying to get it cinched down tight enough. I also don't like the way they smell, wet or dry. They smell like scented plastic. I remember trying the scented trash bags once upon a time and it's sort of the same deal. I can't wait to use up the last of the disposables we've been "gifted" and be totally done with them. We have become pretty good at cloth at night and the recent discovery of Flip disposable inserts, there's no excuse for us to ever buy disposables again. I would much rather deal with the added hassle of adding a fleece liner (to protect the diaper from the cream) and washing that separately than deal with the "convenience" of disposables. I have fully crossed over to the dark side of cloth.


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