At least the kids know how to share...

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, one of the many things that don't get done when baby is sick. Emma has made friends with the respiratory virus known as RSV. 75% of Emma's daycare class now has RSV. Luckily no one is seriously ill with it. This is one of the risks you take when you have a kid in group care, it happens. If you are upset by the fact that your kid is going to get sick when there's an outbreak of a contagious illness at the daycare, then you should really, really consider a different set up for child care. Kids share germs. They touch each other and the floor and the toys and everything else, and then those grubby little germy hands go into the mouth sometimes their own mouth, but sometimes it's the mouth of the baby sitting next to them, or the unsuspecting worker that picks them up for a diaper change. Again, it happens. Group care is not for germaphobes, heck, babies aren't for germaphobes. I can tell you one thing though, by the time this kid of mine is 2, she will have one hard core immune system. Stuart and I have the philosophy that she's going to sick, it's is unavoidable and the minor illnesses now, while inconvenient, will help prevent potentially serious illnesses down the road. But we tend to be fairly laid back about stuff like this. Call it learned helplessness or call it chill but that's what we are. We have adopted the mindset that we try to take care of the things that can be controlled or managed and the stuff that's not controllable or manageable, we just let it ride. It's our version of "don't sweat the small stuff."

On a totally unrelated note, I am super excited about my latest order of "fluff mail"! For those who haven't ever heard this, it's the phrase cloth diaper addicts like me use when we have ordered new diapers or diaper accessories. In this order we have (finally) the Fuzzibunz Diaper Talk diaper that says "Does this diaper make my butt look big?" along with 3 hemp jersey inserts. Stuart is pretty excited about the diaper just because of the phrase on it. I am actually super excited about the hemp inserts. I have been wanting to try them for a while because I know that hemp is supposed to be a lot more absorbent and we have be double stuffing about half of Emma's diapers because she can fill up a diaper kinda quick some days. Also if the hemp really does what it says it can do, then her night time diapers might get a lot less bulky! Some nights it looks like the poor girl's butt is about three inches higher than the rest of her body!

Now that I've gotten somewhat caught up on the blog, it's time to try to get everything else that has been neglected all week done today! Wish me luck and lots of caffeine!!!


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