Basketball night

One of the things my husband loves is sports. Any sport really. He can and will play anything. He'd play a different sport everyday if possible. But being a grown up sucks more often than not, so he has to settle for playing city league sports once or twice a week for a few months out of the year.

Three seasons of softball (men's and co-ed) and 1 season of basketball (again, men's and co-ed) means there are a lot of nights spent at the softball fields or at the basketball courts. I go to almost every softball game (I like to help out with line ups and talking trash to our friends that play on the team) except the ones that start at 9:30, that's late for this girl. I go to some of the co-ed basketball games and only a few of the men's games. The men's league basketball games get way too competitive and aggressive for me to handle.
It's a sacrifice to give up an hour or sometimes 3 to something that isn't a job or class or getting stuff done around the house. There are definitely days when I feel like pouting to get Stuart to stay home with me and Emma because I'm tired and the dogs are actively trying to drive me insane. Yet, I suck it up and tell him to go have fun because I know how much he enjoys it. It's exercise and social all in one.

I enjoy sitting on the sidelines watching him play and have fun. I like to give him crap for missing free throws. Now that Emma is here I really enjoy trying to get her to cheer for daddy, and explaining the rules of the games to her. This kid has no chance at not knowing sports. She can decide whether or not she wants to play sports but there's just no way for her to not know the rules, Stuart and I just enjoy sports too much to not teach her the rules. One of the refs for basketball is also an umpire for softball and so she knows us and always tries to get Emma to laugh when she sees her.

All of this brings me to one of my favorite things about my awesome little monkey- this kid will sleep freaking anywhere! She's so awesome. Last night during Stuart's co-ed basketball game Emma fell asleep. His game happened to be during Emma's usual pre-dinner naptime. Even with 2 basketball games going simultaneously, 2 sets of refs blowing their whistles, 4 teams yelling up and down the court, 1 kid practicing dribbling 5 feet from where we were sitting and 1 near trampling by a guy going for a ball out of bounds, Emma slept.

Those may have been the 2 most relaxing words I've ever typed...Emma slept. Yep, most relaxing. As I typed them I could feel my whole body relax just a little bit more than usual. I may begin using that as a mantra in place of "ohm."


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