Swimming with cloth

I know it's a little late in the summer to post about swimming and cloth diapers but what the hey. When it's time for the little monkeys to play in the water, it's time for a swim diaper. The beauty of swim diapers is that it really doesn't have to be anything special. All it's there for is to catch poo. That's it! You can buy specially made swim diapers from a variety of brands or if you have any older diapers that leak terribly no matter what, or that are starting to delaminate you can use those too. Waterproof isn't a requirement for playing in the water! If you aren't in a chlorinated pool you can even use the diaper that your monkey is wearing, just yank out the insert. That's one of the seemingly totally obvious details that yours truly over here didn't catch the first time. *face palm* Luckily we were only playing in the sprinkler and no danger of sinking! So to help out the others out there that have a permanent case of "baby brain" here is someone telling you to remember to take out the insert! Inserts are supposed to absorb a lot of liquid. When it absorbs a lot of liquid, it gets heavy. Heavy things strapped to baby's butt makes them sink in water. This realization didn't hit me until we were done playing and went inside to change. As I was tossing her diaper into the pail, I told my husband "geez, she must've peed a LOT, this diaper weighs a ton!" (It also happened to be a double stuffed diaper, as in 2 inserts that are designed to absorb a lot of liquid. No wonder the poor girl was waddling like a penguin.) To which my loving husband replied, "No, you doof, she was just playing in the water, of course it's soaked." And so the teasing began. Learn from my mistakes people and don't leave the inserts in the diaper, it could save you from being teased by your significant other, at least about that.


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