Cloth Diaper Communities

I've been a little jealous lately of a friend who cloth diapers her baby back home. She has a huge cloth diaper community in her city that she can meet and swap diapers and advice with. There is a very large Facebook group for cloth diaperer's in her area. Meanwhile, I know several people who use cloth diapers but as for a local community there are a whopping two other people I know that use cloth. One is more of an acquaintance than a friend so not a lot of opportunity for story swapping there. The other is good friend, our daughters are buddies and we've been at daycare together since they were 8 weeks old. She was "the other cloth diaper mom" at the daycare. We have helped each other along the way but as we are both noobs we just wing it when we have a problem we can't quite figure out. I used to participate in the Facebook group for my hometown but after awhile it became frustrating to not really be a part of the group (as well as a few rabid members that soured the fun of it). I am very grateful to have even one other person here who doesn't look at me like I am some sort of raving lunatic when I talk about using cloth diapers. However, every once in a while I get a little bummed out that there aren't more of us around. Ah well, time to quit moping about it and go do some data wrangling. Happy Monday everyone!


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