Building a stash

I read a post on Facebook the other day from a cloth diaper group that asked "if you could do it all over again how would you build your stash?" As with all things baby related there are a few different schools of thought on building a cloth diaper stash. There are those that buy/borrow/rent every possible type and brand of diaper to find the one they love and works for them. (Some of this type have a little more experience and/or knowledge and are able to do actual research on the types and brands available and what's more, they can actually understand some of the lingo and abbreviations and go from there.) There are some (like me) that have no idea what they are getting into, enter cloth diapers in the search bar on Amazon and read reviews until they are convinced that every diaper on the planet is both the most awesome thing on the planet and also the worst and then bite the bullet buy a 12 pack of which ever one had fewer terrible reviews and hope for the best.

From what I can tell eventually almost everyone winds up in one of two camps.

Camp (insert brand name/type here) is the only diaper you will ever need! People in this camp have chosen their preferred diaper and believe it is superior for x,y,z reasons. It is such a spectacular diaper that their entire stash is made up of this diaper.

Then there's Camp "Well it depends." This camp has no particular loyalty to just one brand or even type of diaper. If you were to ask them for a diaper recommendation, their response would typically be, "well, it depends." It depends on a lot of factors. Is baby a heavy wetter? Is it for daytime or overnight? Do you prefer ease of use or economical diapers? Does baby have sensitive skin? Allergies? Do you want an organic diaper? Made in the US? A WAHM diaper? (WAHM is the abbreviation for "work at home mom." It took me a long time to figure out this wasn't a brand.) This camp tends to have a preference for a certain brand or type of diaper for almost every situation. For example: pockets or all-in-ones for daycare or grandparents, prefolds and covers for at home, Flips (brand) for outings or roadtrips, wool and natural fibers for nighttime. You get the picture.

The point I'm trying to make is that what works for me and my monkey, may not work for my next kid or my neighbors kid or any other kid on the planet. Just like with all things when it comes to parenting, trial and error works. It may get messy but you'll figure it out.


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