Surgery again

Today was my surgery and it was successful!!! Dr. Y removed the mass, it was huge at 15cm and the pathology came back before they closed me up and it is, nope make that WAS, just a benign fibroid. Best of all I got to keep my uterus!!! When I talk to Dr. Y tomorrow I plan to ask her how much it weighed, I'm super curious! 
Pain isn't that bad thanks to them putting in an epidural. This is especially great because it means fewer narcotics which will help get me up and moving around sooner and going home sooner. I'm due for a little stroll later this evening which will help get me home sooner too. 
Stuart and E have been so fantastic through all of this! Despite waking up at 4:30am today to check into the hospital for surgery, Emma has been a trooper. She napped hard in the lobby for about 3 hours. She's been worried about me and it's the sweetest thing. Her teacher at school told us a while back that she prays for me a lot during morning prayer time. 
So glad we are getting to the end of this misadventure. Ready to start embarking on some fun adventures!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has been checking up on us and sending us thoughts, prayers, and good vibes. It has been humbling and heartwarming to know we are so well loved by all of friends and family no matter the distance!


  1. Happy it went so well. Now for the recovery - take it easy lady.


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