My cloth reasons

I admit that I am addicted to cloth diapers. I am obsessed with finding new cute diapers. I don't need any more diapers. I have plenty of diapers to get through 2 full days without doing laundry. I decided to list the reasons I love cloth, aside from the crunchy earth saving reasons that everyone says. Honestly, that is just a nice perk to using cloth. My main reason for going cloth was to save money.
These are in no particular order as it's kinda hard for me to actually decide which is more important than the others.

  • I don't have to be a coupon queen. The deal of a century on disposables doesn't mean jack to me. I don't have to be constantly on the alert for sales at any and every diaper source and hoard coupons. (The silly part of this is that I am constantly on alert for sales on cloth diapers.)
  • No worries on running out. When the stash starts to get a little low, toss 'em in the washer. No frantic trips to Wal-Mart (shudder) with or without those coupons. 
  • No crunchy butt. As much as I loathe those god-awful paper gowns at the gyno, I hate the crunchy, crinkly sound of disposables. Maybe that's why, too many trips to the gyno and too many drafty waits trying to keep all my bits covered by paper too thin for anything.
  • So much cuter! With all due respect to Sesame Street, Elmo's face on my daughters butt isn't appealing to me. Her cloth diapers are colorful and bright and easily coordinated with her clothes. No need for diaper covers that are going to get eaten by the dryer goblins. I just ordered 2 custom diapers that will be Emma's game day diapers for Tennessee and OkState games. That;s right, custom diapers. As in "holy crap those are the cutest diapers I have ever seen" custom. Custom disposables? Please, what are you going to do? Slap a sticker on the butt? Not even close to the level of cuteness I am talking about.
  • They are great conversation starters. I actually am disappointed when I don't get the chance to talk about my diapers (Yes, they go on Emma's butt however I think of them as mine. That's how bad the addiction has gotten.) 
  • I enjoy diapers. Everything about them. Researching them, buying them, most especially using them and yes, I even enjoy washing them. Not so much with the stuffing them, but it can't all be awesome. 


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