The diaper that shall not be named!

With the Great Cloth Diaper Change coming up next weekend I have been searching and reading about a lot of different types of diapers trying to study up for the different brands/types I'll see there. Ever since I joined a Facebook group for cloth diapering moms I've heard about this one particular brand of diaper that for one reason or another seems to spark diaper envy in anyone who even reads the name of this brand. I thought that I was immune. I was, still am, very happy with my Fuzzibunz and Flip diapers. However, the envy has begun to sink in. I now feel compelled to find out what is so stinkin' special about these diapers that leads to sell-out's minutes after the store opens each week. Why are there diaper stalkers out there that snatch these up the instant they become available? Why, for the love of jeebus, is there listing on Ebay for $50+ dollars for a used one?!? I used to put it down to crazy collectors (once I got over the shock of finding out that there were cloth diaper collectors, like the beanie baby collectors I remember). But now I feel the pull of the diaper...I am being sucked into the world of "the diaper that shall not be named." I have read so many reviews of this diaper that swear it will do practically anything, it may even cure ugly babies. I find myself wanting to try it. It can't be that awesome...can it? I have been resisting so far on the excuse that the closures are hook & loop (velcro for those like me at first that had no clue what hook and loop was). I hate H&L closures (see previous post). H&L closures can go die. But these...these I kinda want to try.
Luckily the mister keeps be grounded in reality and keeps me from trying to buy one of these extravagant, life changing diapers by reminding me that we still have to buy groceries. This is the slippery slope you have to be very careful of. If your reasoning for using cloth diapers is rooted in the desire to save money, as mine is, then the addiction of buying diapers must be carefully controlled. There should be a Cloth Diapers Anonymous group so that we can help stop each other from buying more diapers than we could ever possibly need just because we need to have one of every brand to make sure we are really using the best possible diaper or because this one is just so cute. I may one day find one of these diapers for sale at a price too good to pass up, but until then I have to rein in the crazy and remind myself that I hate H&L closures with the fire of a thousand suns.

For those that are brave enough to read the name of "the diaper that shall not be named" just leave a comment and I'll happily share some of my diaper envy with you!


  1. So what is this "diaper that shall not be named"? :)

  2. I would like to know this too!

  3. This would be the Ragababe diapers. I am really itching to try one out!


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