Almost time!

It's almost time for the newest Wilson to make her appearance! On Monday we will go in for a repeat c-section. I have run through my checklist of everything that needs to be done by then and, thankfully, the list is getting shorter.
A few weeks ago I got all of our cloth diapers out of storage, bought a few new ones, and have gotten them all prepped and ready to go. A friend of mine referred me to Fluff Love University for information on washing and prepping used diapers. Oh how I wish this site (and corresponding Facebook group) had existed when I was using cloth with our first baby! What I love about the Fluff Love site is that all of their advice is science based and backed up with actual experiments and reputable sources. It turns out that so much of what I did to care for and clean E's diapers wasn't really helpful (i.e. extra rinses, using "cloth safe" soaps/detergents at the recommended rates). After reading all of the files at the site, I understand now what caused the few problems we did run into and makes me extremely glad that we didn't run into more issues that we could have had! They do such a great job of breaking down all of the bits and pieces that go into cloth diapering I definitely nerded out reading the explanations and charts they provide.
So this go around with cloth diapers, I feel much more confident in my ability to do it and do it well than I ever did with E. With E, we waited about 6 weeks before starting cloth because we were intimidated by the idea of keeping a new baby alive, much less adding something like cloth diapers to the mix. With R, we will start as soon as the meconium (aka "tar poo") is out of her system. I am weirdly looking forward to the newest chapter in our cloth diapering adventures and most especially seeing newborn diapers on her tiny little bottom!


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