Catching up

Unbelievably, it's been almost a year since my exploratory surgery in January 2016 to remove a massive fibroid. It's still a bit surreal that this time last year I was preparing for surgery and the possibility of waiting a year from the surgery to try getting pregnant again. Luckily, the second surgery went very well and I healed relatively quickly. In April, we got the green light from the doctor to start trying if we were ready.
Spring and summer were a whirlwind of fieldwork, experiments, with a little bit of travel and recreation thrown in. In late June, I found out I was pregnant! I was excited and cautiously optimistic this time. I remember when I finally made it past 5 weeks (the point when I miscarried last time) I started to breathe again. I still obsessively checked for any signs of miscarriage and I swear it felt like time slowed to a crawl while I anxiously waited to hit that magical milestone of 2nd trimester when the risk of miscarriage plummets. Once I hit that milestone, I relaxed a lot even if the morning sickness did not. I felt great, if nauseous. On my birthday in October, we had the "big" ultrasound and found out that we are having another girl! E said it was just what she wished for! We found out later that Squirrel, as we affectionately call our fetus, has a two vessel cord. No big deal just needs extra attention to make sure she's on track for growth.
This winter has been crazy! The week before Christmas we got 10 inches of snow, E got the flu, and we all started Christmas break a little early. Last week brought another 8-10 inches of snow and this weekend dumped another 8 inches on top of all that! We were doing fine getting around in all this snow (no small feat for 2 people raised in the South where 2 inches shuts down while cities!) until the latest stuff this weekend. As I write this, both of our vehicles are stranded in the (ridiculously long) driveway despite AWD on one vehicle and 4WD on the other. Icing on the cake is that we are expecting yet another snow tomorrow that is projected to bring anywhere from 5-15 inches. I'm officially over this whole winter wonderland thing we have going on here in central Oregon!
I am thankful that Squirrel has a few more weeks to bake before her debut (due date is 2/27) and isn't showing any signs of hurrying that along (*frantically looking for wood to knock on*).
I'll try to update more regularly. I'm planning to try to document our upcoming adventures in cloth diapering as that's what started this whole blog thing in the first place!
Happy New Year everyone!


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