Random things

The crap I can come up with to worry about when I should be sleeping amazes me. Tonight's concern:  what if someone presented me with a clone of E? Would I immediately know it wasn't really her? Would I take Fake E in as my own and never know the difference? As I tried to answer these super important questions for this oh-so-likely scenario, I started to worry that maybe I wouldn't notice. I can't remember any identifying marks off hand. No dead giveaway freckles, moles or birthmarks. I remember our old cat, Gizmo, had one pink toe one her back left paw, but can't remember if E has anything so distinct. I think I remember seeing a freckle on her back in the bath, or maybe while she was running around earlier...but then again it was very likely just a speck of dirt. I hope to hell if I am ever presented with a double of E that my Mommy superpowers will kick in and, as all parents on any tv drama say, "I'll just know." 

Sweet dreams.


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