Soapbox full of soil

I like soil. Not dirt, soil. Soil is the foundation of all human life. Without it our civilization would collapse, just look at Mesopotamia. And yet agriculture has become a dirty word. Industrialized farming is something to be ashamed of and punished for ruining our precious planet. Yes, there are negative aspects to farming. However amazing improvements have been made towards soil and water conservation and making food production sustainable.
I find that I am a bit of a conservation nazi. I loathe driving down the road and seeing a tilled field. I know what damage is done by tillage and I also know how easy it is to prevent and repair the damage.
I like my soapbox full of soil. I enjoy teaching others about soil and water conservation. Even if it is just in my little own little area. I believe the quote from ... "a civilization can survive the depletion of its oil resources but not the depletion of its soil resources."
Naked and hungry. That's where we would be without agriculture. Remember that the next time someone tells you how evil industrial farming is.


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